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  About Us

Guangzhou Changjiang Fushi Color-printing Package Co.,Ltd. is a sole proprietorship enterprise, who has been established in 1994.To echo the expanding and diverse business coverage, the subsidiary company of Guangzhou Aluminum-mold Craftworks Co.,Ltd was consequently set up on 1998. Our company covers 3,000 square meter and has more than 100 employees. "Honesty,pragmaticism,perfectionism and innovation" is the operational belief. We are confident that the consistently-developing Aluminum-mold Craftworks will be your  reliable friend all the time.  

We have separate Official room, Finance, PC designing room, Plate-making shop, Silk-screen shop, etching shop, Metalworking shop, painting workshop and packing shop, etc.

We are well-equipped with a number of senior engineers, well-educated technician and economist forming the practiced management team. We are possessing advanced equipments and technologies including an automatic assembly line, 6 sets of automatic silk-screen machine, 3 sets of automatic laminator, and the corresponding kits like 3 sets of shears and 8 sets of punch. Additionally, we are having 3 sets of professional Plate-making machines and 5 Japan-imported carving machines and 10 high-functional Computers.

Major Products: All kinds of nameplates made by copper, aluminum and stainless steel. PVC, PC and PET panels. Sticker and Color-printing presswork. Nameplates for Automobiles. Various of home-appliance that contain fridge, stereo, air-condition, VCD, induction cooker, furnishings and kitchen wares. Three-dimensional aluminum plates, chrome-plates, flexible plastic plates. Different kinds of crystalline plastic plates, soft& hard PVC, water-scrubbing applique, water-transfer applique and heat-transfer plates.

We are specializing in processing all kinds of nameplates. With working over this industry for more than a decade, we are quite experienced and totally competent.

Products introduction: All kinds of nameplates and metal etchings.

Varieties: Different plates and medals made in the form of mirror-glossy, matte, frosted, sanding, sandblasting, cinnabar, gold dust and oxidation.
Varieties of plane silk-screen: metal plane silk-screen, plane staining, PVC, sticker, synthetic glass silk-screen and so forth, which are all heavy-adhesive, high solvent-resistance and more sticky because of using electrophoretic stoving-varnish and amino stoving-varnish as the lacquer painting.
Etching-glossy: Grinding finish and mirror face. Features: shining and artistic, which can adapt to the general mechanical equipments.
Etching-matte: Whiting-matte and oxidation-matte. Features: impressive and elegant, which can adapt to those equipments usually used for viewing operation.
Etching frosted and sanding. Features: decent and strong sense of third dimension, which can be used on all kinds of plates, medals, electric-appliance, etc.
Etching cinnabar and gold dust. Features: splendent and strong sense of third dimension, which can be used for the purpose of decoration on the different plates, medals.
Etching oxidation. Features: strong acid resistance, highly-intensive and excellent antiseptic due to having varnish covered, which can be well used on the condition of acidity.
Plane staining. Features: very good at acid resistance and solvent resistance, clean, intensive, non-discoloration, more scratch-avoiding, which can be popularly used on the equipments needed to be often rubbed by solvent.
Plane silk-screen, PVC, Sticker, synthetic glass and other kinds of metal.

"Honesty,pragmaticism,perfectionism and innovation" is always our tenet.We are very keenly willing to work together with domestic and overseas customers through our full-hearted services to jointly expand the businesses.

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